Mission & Evangelism


Local Evangelism Director - Rev Mrs Christine Kerr


Our Mission & Evangelism Department is a vibrant department that aims to ensure we are relevant and positioned to meet the needs of those who are in need.


Our Vision:


"The Family Worship Centre endeavours to be a church full of 'Rapid Response Christians' who really seek to demonstrate how they rapidly respond to the call of God and the needs of the people"

Acts 2 v’s 44 - 47


Our Mission:

"To develop and empower 'Rapid Response Christians' with the ability and the passion to bring people to Christ by learning how to be soul winners."


'Rapid Response Christians' are driven to care for others, while learning how to self-care in order to follow the Lord's directions based on the Word of God.

'Rapid Response Christians' are prepared to answer God's call; now.

Isaiah 6 v 8 “Here am I, send me.”