Womens - Discipleship Ministy

Mrs Karen Taylor - Local Women's Discipleship Ministry Director 

The Women's Discipleship Ministry is one of many ministries of New Testament Church of God - Family Worship Centre, who's focus is ministry to our women and young women.

At the Family Worship Centre our Christian faith is central to how we unite together as women in worship, fellowship and friendship.  Our aim is to ensure we work together to provide a strong unit of support to each other, families and our communities.

We actively engage in a variety of activities such as workshops, prayer and shared meals.

Life will always have it's challenges; however our vision is to align ourselves to God's purpose and become a living testimony.

May God bless you,

Sis Karen Taylor


Our National Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To assist women in developing a deeper understanding and relationship in God through worship, fellowship, training and leisure and to enhance our relationship with the wider community and the world.

Our Mission

To assist women in their spiritual growth, leadership and personal development, emotional and intellectual needs in their various stages of life regardless of their race or culture.