Covid-19 Coronavirus is serious, but context is key and the world is well placed to deal with it

The coronavirus epidemic plainly poses an exceptionally serious global problem: in a few short weeks, it has spread around the world, infecting many tens of thousands so far and causing many deaths.

But as we are hit with minute-by-minute updates from around the world, experiencing the advance of Covid-19 in real time – news alerts, huge headlines, social media hysteria – there’s a risk that we might lose some essential context.

Yes, this virus is obviously a massive challenge: medical, political and – perhaps most strikingly at present – social and economic.  But it is worth remembering we have never been better placed to fight it than now.


In order to try and help with putting things into context and provide support through this crisis we have provided some links to aid your navigation through this time. 

Support for children & Parents